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A Compact Guide to Available Methods of Penis Enhancement

You may believe it or not, but a short Internet-search through popular search sites will prove the surprising fact - judging by top-lists of popular inquires almost about every guy on earth should be interested in learning more about different methods of penis enhancement. This is surprising since the actual size of the penis does not guarantee any really outstanding overall sexual prowess. But the truth is that numerous companies and individual persons are aggressively promoting the latest penis enhancement products and there is no escape from them. The penis enhancement products come in a wide range of forms, from orally taken pills to vacuum penis pumps.

To begin with let us have a closer look at different pills and all-natural botanical supplements. They all are claimed to have great efficiency in the area of penis enhancement capabilities. Each brand competes for the position of the best penis enhancement products among all the rest offered on the market today. But the sad truth is that even the most reputable of them do not really do the work they are claimed to do. Yes, that is true, the most reputable brands come with money back guarantees, but that does not change the fact - they do not actually work. The manufacturers of these penis enhancement miracle drugs have found out that the majority of disappointed users will never bother to make the whole effort of sending the useless product back and, being happy with that discovery, they confidently offer money back guarantees as a reliable proof of the effectiveness of their product.

Just pay some extra attention to the wording that the actors in all those commercials on a late-night TV channels use when promoting the latest penis enhancement miracle drug, eg extenze. You are to discover some curious oddities that will make you think. In the first place, the claim that natural pills can actually make your penis larger is never stated directly. Instead, they bit around the bush, making allusions to some especially important areas of the male anatomy or something like that. Secondly, they always make a stress on necessity to administer penis enhancement products during the period of several weeks in order to let them start working and bring noticeable improvements. There is a good possibility that by the end of the suggested period the money back guarantee will expire. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably really is not true. A reasonable person should stay away from these products, saving money and time.

Another rather popular method of penis enhancement is a vacuum penis pump. The principal difference between these two methods is that on the contrary to penis enhancement drugs, the penis pump brings actual positive results. Yes, it is true, those results are not permanent, and they last just for the period of the penis pump application. But for this short term your penis actually gets larger, harder and thicker. By creating vacuum around the penis shaft, the penis pumps force the blood to flow into the erectile tissues of your member, producing great erection and making the penis gain extra centimeters. As soon as the pump is released and the penis is removed outside, the blood starts flowing back to other areas of your body. The penis comfortably returns to its usual size till the next time you would like to use a pump.